Kaziranga National Park

Wildlife Jungle Safaris: Kaziranga National Park situated in Assam state of India, is a UNESCO world heritage sites of India and known for Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros

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This Wildlife Sanctuary is in the heart of Assam, this park is one of the last areas in eastern India undisturbed by a human presence. 

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It is inhabited by the world’s largest population of one-horned rhinoceroses, as well as many mammals, including tigers, elephants, panthers and bears, and thousands of birds.

You can enjoy the beauty of the Greater One Horned Rhinoceros with its majestic body and its charismatic horn, see a herd of elephants and some most magnificent tuskers. You are sure to come across herds of Wild Buffalo with their magnificent horns. These are some of the last populations in the wild. You would also come across herds of Hog Deer, Sambar and Swamp Deer.

You would surely come across the rich avifauna that Kaziranga boasts of.  You could also come across wild boar, Hog Badgers, Porcupine. Red Jungle Fowl, Kaleej Pheasant and Swamp Francolin could also be spotted, if you have sharp eyes and strong hearing. If you look towards the sky, you may be able to spot Pallas Fishing Eagle, Hornbills and Cranes in flight. And if you are lucky enough, you might as well come across a tiger or two.

You would be amazed by the unique habitat which is a mix of wetlands, grasslands (short and tall), woodlands, cane-breaks, and highlands. The rich biodiversity with a mix of herbs, shrubs, grasses, creepers, and trees is worth observing.

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